Experienced staff

got service

Whether in the harsh conditions of the offshore North Sea, in the heat of the Kazakh steppe or in the swamps of the Niger Delta: GOT field engineers cope with their demanding missions even in the most extreme conditions, but of course also in Lower Saxony Emsland.

Our service quality is the basis of our success. For this, we continually invest in the training of new engineers and further education of our experienced staff.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge of Liner Hanger installation and use of GOT field software, the focus of training is on working on rigs.

Our new employees are adviced and supported by senior colleagues during the first period within the GOT mentor program. During this "on the job training", junior engineers acquire the knowledge necessary to perform subsequent operations independently and successfully on their own.

In addition to technical training, GOT attaches great importance to language and intercultural training for all employees.

Running Procedure (RP)

The Running Procedure (RP) is a complete manual which documents in addition to the precise sequence description and installation instructions all target values of the Liner Hanger installation.

Prior to each operation the RP is discussed in a pre-job meeting by project manager and field engineer. During installation of the LH system, deviations between target values and actual values can be determined directly at the drill rig. The field engineer can react promptly and initialize appropriate measures in coordination with the customer.

Any variation within the procedure is recorded in a new revision of the RP.

GOT-Operator Software

got software

The specially designed GOT-Operator Software comprises several modules: calculating, investigating or obtaining information can be done within those. Necessary documents supporting the workflow and facilitating the subsequent analysis are provided by this software.

Data Sheets

got datenblatt

The GOT-Operator Software provides the field engineer with access to the entire data sheets of all GOT products. The data sheets include technical data and information on both sales and rental equipment.

End of Well Report

After job completion, all data are summarized and discussed in a working group together with the project manager design engineer, fitter, quality manager as well as the field engineer. Then, the customer is provided with all data relevant for the order in an End-of-Well Report.

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