Master Document

Projects at German Oil Tools are implemented within an Integrated Quality Management System (IMS) following a standardized schedule – the Master Document – and the Enterprise-Resource-Planning-System (ERP-System).

got master dokument

All comprehensive data of the separate processes, from quotation and order processing up to the installation service, are recorded in the Master Document step by step and in a detailed manner. The beginning of a new work segment is defined by the precise processing of the previous one. This process ensures a persistent stream of data and continuously updated project status. Thus, the projects can proceed smoothly and well structured.

Upon completion of a project, the entire information is included in the Master Document, which in turn is linked with the ERP-System and all further project data.

Well Planning

got well planning system

For the design of customer specific components, German Oil Tool uses an approved Well Planning Software. Using this software, comprehensive well calculations can be offered:

  • Torque calculation
  • Overload calculation
  • Drilling hydraulics
  • Swab and surge effects

got erp system

Our ERP-System fully supports our work processes. This includes modules for procurement, production, sales, asset management, finance and accounting. Thus, it is possible to map the entire project flow in the ERP-System. Offers, orders and contracts are recorded auditproof and linked together.

Furthermore all items are administered in this system: from the smallest individual component up to the completed Liner Hanger System, batch tracing or tracing by serial numbers is available for all items.

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