Design and Development

Perfect fit to customer: from design and development to assembling

got konstruktion

In our Design & Development Department, innovative products and customer specific components are designed by mechanical engineers with a 3D-CAD-Software. By using additional analysis tools, e.g. the Finite Element Analysis or Flow Simulation, various calculations can be made that are important for verification and ideal design of our products.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

got finite element

The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a numerical method for solving complex calculations. It is used to calculate tensions and displacements of components resulting from exterior loads, whereby each design step can be optimized. Nowadays, the FEA is an inherent part of our design process. In this way, it can be verified with virtual prototypes whether the requirements for stability and safety are fulfilled. Potential weak spots can thus be revealed and rectified.This makes it possible to reduce the periods and cost, since the number of necessary prototypes is reduced.

Flow Simulation

got flow simulation

Flow Simulation is a numerical method for solving complex flow systems. This software enables GOT designers to simulate the liquid flow, heat transfer and flow force rapidly and in a straightforward manner.

This numerical method is used during development for flow examination and optimization of relevant components, in order to ensure a perfect function of the products.

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